I believe that the artist’s job is to find a compelling and effective graphic form in which to incarnate his ideas and obsessions. My recent paintings describe people and events that were, in their day, the porters of popular culture and consciousness.  These were the colors of my childhood.

The Notebooks, Sketchbooks, and Pagebooks served as studies for the larger works on canvas from 2009 to the present, works that I call ‘Deconstructions.’  Mixed media (oil, acrylic, chalk, charcoal and ink) on canvas, these works owe a debt to the Pop-inspired silk screen aesthetic, though, in fact, they are all hand painted and use very low tech solutions and no collage or photo transfer methods. These works attempt to be both constructed and deconstructed, leaving traces of their evolution, and allowing the viewer to witness the process of their creation. They are painted first, then destroyed — ‘taken from’ rather than ‘added to.’